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The team works very hard to provide our players with the most enjoyable Oldschool RuneScape private server. Our staff works around the clock to make sure any bugs and issues are immediately resolved, collectively we work over 200 hours a week to make sure we satisfy our players. Running a private server this size isn't cheap nor free. The costs of maintaining a server of this caliber are very high and we do our best to make ends meet. Your donations go a long way when it comes to helping us with the costs. Hosting is costly and advertisements costs are sky high, but we do whatever we can to keep up. Your donations are very much appreciated by all of us and help us to keep the server alive.

Thank you.

Rank boundaries

Bronze Donator $10

Iron Donator $20

Mithril Donator $30

Adamant Donator $50

Rune Donator $75

Dragon Donator $100

TzHaar Donator $150

Barrows Donator $200

Bandos Donator $300

Armadyl Donator $400

Third-Age Donator $500

Virtus Donator $1000

Pernix Donator $2500

Torva Donator $4000