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Donator Ranks

  • BRONZE $10
  • IRON $20
  • MITHRIL $30
  • ADAMANT $50
  • RUNE $75
  • DRAGON $100
  • TZHAAR $150
  • BARROWS $200
  • BANDOS $300
  • ARMADYL $400
  • THIRD-AGE $500
  • VIRTUS $1000
  • PERNIX $2500
  • TORVA $4000

Earning Credits & Donation benefits

Crown on Website
Crown on forums
Unlimited Yell time
Exclusive donator zone
Donator content
Bonus youtube award
Bonus BM per kill
Extra skin colours
Coloured name on discord
Extended drop bonus
AFK Throne
Larger player owned house
Extended double-exp time
Bonus Vote reward
Custom Title
Drop rate boost
Skip to wave 48 in Inferno
Double exp in donator zone
Blood money from stalls
Ability to change your character name.
Faster spec restore
Farming patches instant growth
Custom pet (keepsafe)
::bank command
Unlimited prayer in PVM
Ability to teleport to any player
Turn into and fight as bosses